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    Jack La Lanne’s Power Juicer

    I’m really not proud of my photo editing skills right now, but this will do. On January 19, 2014, I purchased Jack La Lanne’s Power Juicer from Lazada. I initially wanted the Shake n’ Go Smoothie Maker but mom convinced me to get the juicer instead as it will have a healthier purpose in our lives. It arrived 4 days later, which was very quick, in my opinion, although I kinda expected it to arrive because Lazada sent me a message every time there was progress with my order. The first one was informing me that my order was processed, and the second was when it was sent out to…

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    Chicharron ni Mang Juan

    Mikey Bustos is one of the people I subscribe to in YouTube ever since I saw his Filipino English Tutorial. He posts a video each day, which I admire because it’s kind of hard to come up with a topic to talk about in front of the camera and YT people usually post about 2-3 times a week at most. Aside from his Filipino tutorials, he also sings, does skits about his family, and reactions videos. Recently, he came here in the Philippines and made a commercial with Jack ‘n Jill’s Chicharron ni Mang Juan. The commercial is similar with his YouTube videos and also features his version of his…

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    MichelAngelo Shoes

    Mom and I were on our way to her former colleague’s house in BF homes when we passed by MichelAngelo Shoes because she needed new working shoes. MichelAngelo was recommended by another one of mom’s colleague and apparently it’s where their other colleagues buy their work shoes.Their shoes are quite pricey for my taste but they have really good quality, style, and design, and are totally worth it. Their sizes are different from the ones we usually get from the malls, which is perfect for us because mom and I have big feet. They didn’t have stock for the size of the shoes my mom wanted so she ordered them…