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    Start The Day Early

    After 3 months I am back with an entry about how productive my day went. During the 2nd quarter of the year, I was doing pretty well with managing my time and money, keeping track of my finances, saving up, spending quality time with family and friends. During this hiatus, I was blessed with the opportunity to purchase a spankin’ new laptop courtesy of my mom. I borrowed money from her so I can finally get one because my PC has been failing me a lot lately and I cannot risk not having a working computer since that’s my bread and butter. You’d think I’d be able to write more…

  • May Goals: Organize and Declutter
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    May Goals: Organize and Declutter

    * image from Pexels Last month’s goal setting has encouraged me to do more than what I would normally do. It gave me the drive to keep working on the things that needed attention in my life. Listing my achievements have also inspired me to keep going and just keep striving to be better and do better. While all my goals were set up at the start of the year, I realized that having a monthly focused breakdown will actually help me accomplish more than trying to do them all at the same time.

  • 2018 April Achievements
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    2018 April Achievements

    Is April over already? It sure went by pretty quickly I didn’t even notice. So 3 weeks ago I wrote about my month’s goals and now it’s time to check it off. April Achievements I am pleased to report that I was more productive than I’ve ever been. Or it feels that way to me. I vacuumed/mopped the floors every other day; Basically, something was done every day. I’d like to think the dogs are very happy with the clean floors. There’s so much fur shedding on a daily basis that vacuuming as often as possible is required. They also do not make so much mess anymore! I truly believe…

  • April Goals
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    April Goals: Active and Productive

    It’s the first month of the second quarter. Woooo! Time flies so fast man and I’m still slacking off in the blogging department. April is already halfway over but it’s never too late to start somewhere, right? Before 2017 ended (yes, this is a long overdue post), some friends and I decided to take our goals more seriously by being accountable to one another. We started with listing down the things we want to achieve this year and having actionable tasks for each one. At the end of each month, we would discuss what we achieved, where we failed, and what our plans are for the succeeding months. We’ve been doing this…