• puzzles-board-game-lounge

    Puzzles: Board Game Lounge

    Last Sunday my friends and I were walking around our usual hangout at Molito Park when I invited them to play at Puzzles. I’ve been wanting to play there ever since I found out there was a branch near me. Their rates are at Php100/head and play all you want. It was a dream for me since I’m an only child and I love playing board games but had no one to play with. Boohoo. *sad face*

  • Foodstagram Shot

    Tips For the Perfect #Foodstagram Shot

    Filipinos looove to eat. The Philippines is also known for being the selfie capital of the world. It shouldn’t be a surprise that in this day and age, Filipinos take pictures of their food before eating it. I’m guilty of this. What will you do with hundred of pictures of your food? I for one intend to do it for a blog post and restaurant review but end up not writing about the experience and would just post it on my social media account. Hehehehe. I assume a lot of people do the same.

  • NYPD - New York and Filipino Fusion

    New York Pinoy Deli (NYPD) – New York and Filipino Fusion

    Have you ever heard about a New York and Filipino Restaurant Fusion? Apparently, the hotel and casino integrated establishment Resorts World Manila (RWM) decided to bet on this new venture and cater to the taste of locals who want to know what it’s like to eat grub that New Yorkers consume on a daily basis. The playfully named NYPD (New York Pinoy Deli) is the latest restaurant to join RWM’s array of bistros inside its 4-storey recreational facility. NYPD’s concept is diner food that’s elevated by fancy food plating and a touch of Filipino flair. So instead of offering things like New York’s Angus burger or the classic spaghetti and…

  • Chewy Banana Oatmeal Mini Cookies

    Chewy Banana Oatmeal Cookies

    Out of the blue, I decided to try and make something out of bananas. I’ve been buying and eating bananas for a few weeks now and they’re much healthier to munch on than buying Jollibee when I get the munchies late at night. So I made this chewy banana oatmeal cookies.

  • Nathaniel's

    Nathaniel’s Bakeshop

    Part of my goal this year is to try out different restaurants, and this happens to be the first. Mom and I, with her friend, went to Nathaniel’s Bakeshop for lunch one Sunday afternoon after church. I’ve heard of that place before but didn’t know it was a restaurant. It’s a small place in Molito, Alabang, and has the canteen vibe to it. I didn’t take pictures of the inside. They sell puto, puto pao, siopao, siomai, and other local delicacies. Nathaniel’s originated from Pampanga, and I’m so happy they have a branch nearby where I can go and buy my favorite puto pao.

  • The Frap Bar

    The Frap Bar

    I’m not a big fan of warm/hot drinks. When Starbucks became a house name here in the Philippines, I wasn’t sold on their products. I’m not a coffee drinker, nor do I conform to what’s “in”. We rarely go there, and if we do, I would always order a frap. We live in a tropical country where it’s always warm and I would rather enjoy a cold beverage. Although there are the rare occasions where I would buy a tall order of their signature warm chocolate. Moving on…

  • Food

    Breakfast for Lunch, Canned Good for dinner

    I’m back! There’s so many things to write about, so many things I neglected to write just because I was busy with my book blog. I have to find a balance between my blogs. 🙁 We just moved to a new house because the old one got flooded. That is one of the things I want to write about, but I’ll do that on a different day. Today I just want to share, because I feel so good about this, that I made breakfast for lunch! LOL. If you didn’t know yet, I’m not exactly a cook. I can fry, boil, heat food, and make simple dishes but I don’t…

  • Food

    Moven Pick Bakeshop and Restaurant

    One time my mom and I were in the QC area because she had a meeting somewhere there. Afterwards we met up in Moven Pick Bakeshop and Restaurant in Banawe St. and where her friend treated us for lunch. We ordered the following: Salmon head with Tausi Steamed Pampano Broccoli in garlic sauce Everything was good. We enjoyed the food and I finished the broccoli (YAY). As for the price, well we didn’t check the price for each item but it was a pricey in my opinion. The pastries are also good and worth it. If ever you’re near Banawe St, look for Moven Pick Bakeshop and Restaurant and give…