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    ‚ÄčTheme Parks in the Philippines: Tree Top Adventure Baguio

    There are so many destinations in Baguio such as Mines View, Strawberry Fields, Ben Cab Museum to name a few but there’s only one theme park inside the popular Camp John Hay and that’s Tree Top Adventure which is just walking distance from Manor Hotel and Le Monet Hotel and just 10 minutes away from Azalea Residences. Tree Top Adventure is the only theme park in the Philippines with motorized activities plus different kinds of Zipline adventure in the heart of nature; Superman, Canopy, Tree Drop, Silver Surfer, Free Fall, Funicular, Trekking, Skywalk and much more to be added. The vision came from the expertise of the owner of Tree…

  • Pups and Cups Dog Cafe

    Pups & Cups Dog Cafe

    My friends and I met for lunch Sunday afternoon and wanted to chill at a coffee place afterward. Unfortunately, there were too many people at the mall so we decided to go to Pups & Cups Dog Cafe in BF Homes instead. I’ve always wanted to go to a dog cafe when I first heard/read about openings here and there. It’s kinda weird because I already have 6 dogs at home. I can’t get enough of dogs. Yep.

  • Gypsy Beach Zambales
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    Gypsy Beach Zambales

    The long awaited beach trip to Gypsy Beach Zambales happened last May 19 to 21. Unlike the impromptu out-of-town trip to Southwinds Resort last March, this was meant to be a birthday celebration between our group of friends and has been planned since January, but most of them backed out so it was just me and my good friend JK. Our trip almost got canceled because I tripped and sprained my ankle the week before, but I could not be stopped, WE could not be stopped. I prayed for a fast recovery, and while walking was still a struggle by the time we had to leave, I sucked it up…

  • Taking Gifting to the Next Level

    Taking Gifting to the Next Level

    Christmas is only a couple of months away. Some people have already bought gifts for their loved ones, while others wait for their Christmas bonuses or mall sales to purchase the perfect gift. I for one started buying gifts for some of my godchildren. My goal this year is to encourage them to read more. And then there’s mom. I don’t know what I’ll get her yet, but in a perfect world where I could afford to buy anything, I know exactly what I would get her.