• How I Got Into Bullet Journaling
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    How I Got Into Bullet Journaling

    As a spontaneous person, I find it hard to stick to plans. I know how to make plans, but I can’t seem to follow it to a tee. Planning has always been a guide — one often ignored — as I go through my days. Planners are wasted on me. I’ve had a lot of those through the years and they go untouched or barely used. Back in 2016, a few months after I learned how to do modern brush calligraphy, I stumbled upon bullet journaling. The concept was so simple and promising that I thought I’d give it a try. I researched it on Instagram and Pinterest which was…

  • How God Provides
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    How God Provides

    *Note: This was written back in November and I totally forgot to finish it. Instead of scrapping it, I’m publishing this story because it’s a testimony of God’s faithfulness. Through the years my mom and I have experienced how God provides especially in our time of need. When my mom lost her job and I was still looking for one, we relied on what little savings she had and the blessings her friends and colleagues would share with us. We strongly believed God sent them our way. Oftentimes we would receive these blessings at a time when we desperately need it. We have so many stories about God’s provision but I…

  • April Goals
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    April Goals: Active and Productive

    It’s the first month of the second quarter. Woooo! Time flies so fast man and I’m still slacking off in the blogging department. April is already halfway over but it’s never too late to start somewhere, right? Before 2017 ended (yes, this is a long overdue post), some friends and I decided to take our goals more seriously by being accountable to one another. We started with listing down the things we want to achieve this year and having actionable tasks for each one. At the end of each month, we would discuss what we achieved, where we failed, and what our plans are for the succeeding months. We’ve been doing this…