• park-day-with-kendo

    Sunday Park Day With Kendo The Pug

    It has been a long time since I took Kendo out to the park. Last week I promised to take him to the park after I get him checked up at the vet on Sunday. Just like the smart dog that he is, he was very observant of me as I walked around the house preparing to leave. He knew I was going out and that he’s coming with me.

  • superfriends-swimming

    Super Friends at Southwinds Resort

    During the first week of March, I had the sudden urge to go out of town so I sent a message to one of my closest friends and asked her to plan an outing, something cheap, as long as we get to swim. After she came back with a place to go to, I asked for the availability of our other friends. Unfortunately, most of them were not available for the weekend so it was only 3 of us who went.   We met at South Station at around 8 pm on a Saturday. We took a bus to Calamba and got off a street where we took a tricycle to get…

  • first-calligraphy-anniversary
    Calligraphy,  Hobbies

    First Calligraphy Anniversary

    I didn’t have enough time to take my own photo for this post so I just took a photo from Pexels. It’s been exactly a year since I first started learning modern calligraphy. My interest towards this form of art began when I kept seeing beautifully written words and typography all over the web and I thought to myself “I want to decorate my room with that”. I could do it digitally, but there was something about doing it by hand that I find cooler and more interesting.

  • Tree Planting

    Tree Planting With Feed Inc.

      Last Saturday, I joined some people from the offsite ministry at church to a tree planting weekend with FEED Inc. at Siniloan Laguna. I have been craving some time out with nature and I figured a short trek in the woods to plant trees would do me some good.

  • Wicked Experience

    The Wicked Experience

    On Tuesday night, I took the day off from work to watch Wicked the musical with my mom at Solaire. I have been waiting for this moment ever since I saw the advert for the show a couple of months ago. A friend sponsored our tickets and I am eternally grateful for her generosity.

  • Foodstagram Shot

    Tips For the Perfect #Foodstagram Shot

    Filipinos looove to eat. The Philippines is also known for being the selfie capital of the world. It shouldn’t be a surprise that in this day and age, Filipinos take pictures of their food before eating it. I’m guilty of this. What will you do with hundred of pictures of your food? I for one intend to do it for a blog post and restaurant review but end up not writing about the experience and would just post it on my social media account. Hehehehe. I assume a lot of people do the same.