• NYPD - New York and Filipino Fusion

    New York Pinoy Deli (NYPD) – New York and Filipino Fusion

    Have you ever heard about a New York and Filipino Restaurant Fusion? Apparently, the hotel and casino integrated establishment Resorts World Manila (RWM) decided to bet on this new venture and cater to the taste of locals who want to know what it’s like to eat grub that New Yorkers consume on a daily basis. The playfully named NYPD (New York Pinoy Deli) is the latest restaurant to join RWM’s array of bistros inside its 4-storey recreational facility. NYPD’s concept is diner food that’s elevated by fancy food plating and a touch of Filipino flair. So instead of offering things like New York’s Angus burger or the classic spaghetti and…

  • Christmas Friday's 10 Happy Things

    Christmas Friday’s 10 Happy Things

    Merry Christmas! How did you spend Christmas today? Since mom and I aren’t traditional, Christmas is just a regular day for us. It’s an extra day where can have more rest. We don’t have a tree and we didn’t set up Christmas lights either. We also live far from the rest of the family, but we’ll see them on Sunday when we celebrate my grandfather’s birthday. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a lot of things to be grateful for.

  • Mt. Tagapo Day Hike with MalayaIOG

    #MalayaIOG Mt Tagapo Day Hike 2015

    Before the year ends, I thought I’d finally sit down and write about my adventures earlier this year. Last February, out of the blue, I decided to join a beginner’s day hike with Malaya International Outdoor Group. I found the group from Couchsurfing and joined their Facebook page. I wanted to travel more and experience backpacking. Joining an outdoor group seemed like a great first step to achieving that. Around January, they posted an invite to an event for a beginner’s day hike to Mt. Tagapo. I was never attracted to mountain climbing because I’m more of a water activity person, but the word beginner caught my attention and after finding out…

  • Weekly Obsession: Late Night Talk Shows

    Weekly Obsession: Late Night Talk Shows

    I have been watching YouTube videos on my phone while lying in bed this past week. While I started with watching Ryan Higa, Natalie Tran, and some music videos, I found myself obsessing over episode clips from late night talk shows. Late night talk shows are not new to me, I would watch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel Live from time to time. But a few months back I stumbled upon The Late Late Show with James Corden and his carpool karaoke is very entertaining. I think it’s the most relaxed setting where he can interview artists while singing to their famous songs. He has carpooled with Jennifer…