• The Sunday Currently Vol 2

    The Sunday Currently Vol. 2

    A lot of things has happened in the past two weeks. Aside from work, I spent last Sunday lining up at the book signing of Christine Brae, Tarryn Fisher, and Colleen Hoover. On Thursday, one my dogs, Richard, passed away and it was devastating. To make myself feel better, I went to Broadway Centrum yesterday to watch Eat Bulaga live in the hopes to see Alden Richards. My mission was a success. I went to MIBF afterwards and bought 6 books less 20% off! While I find time to write about those things, here’s what I’m currently up to:

  • Fridays 10 Happy Things 006

    Friday’s 10 Happy Things | 006

    Aaaand I’m back. Friday’s 10 Happy Things is a link up started by Helga at Ditz-Revolution. It’s where we list 10 things that made me/us happy during the week. I just realized I skipped the link up for the whole month of August, it wasn’t intentional, but I guess August wasn’t really that good to me. *sad face emoticon*