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    How was your Christmas? And Some Game Reviews

    O hai. I meant to do this sooner, like last week, but I was…erh..busy. Anywho… How was your Christmas? Mine was a bit uneventful as we spent it in bed, playing games on our phones. Heh. I’m just here for some game reviews of ones I really liked since I got my new phone. Plants vs. Zombies 2 Aawyeah! I was one of the people who got addicted to Plants vs. Zombies when it first came out years ago. When the 2nd version came out, I so wanted to play it but my previous phone was outdated.

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    Wishing You A Very Happy Christmas

    Hey, how’s it going? It’s December 24th and while everyone is celebrating Christmas Eve, I’m having fruit salad given by the neighbor in front of the laptop and TV, blogging about whatever. Ha! My mom and I don’t really do the Noche Buena thing unless we are invited to have dinner with her friends’ family. Otherwise, we’re content with just sitting at home watching movies while mom plays on her iPhone and I either play on my smartphone or browse Facebook. See, we’re big on multi-tasking.