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    You Can’t Please Everyone, Especially Old Shrewd People

    I woke up early today, 8am so I could go to work early and finish some reports. I also had a scheduled reservation for, let’s call her Mrs. B, 20pax at 12noon. I got to work before 10am and gathered some data from the server for my report. I also followed up some requests I made from marketing and the purchaser. By 11:30am, a couple of guests from Mrs. B’s reservation arrived. Let me just give you a brief background. Two days ago I spoke with Mrs. B who wanted to book a reservation for 25 people. I gave her my booking spiel and gave her options. She said she…

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    [Cover] Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne

    Sharing videos of myself doing song covers is quite embarrassing but I’m at an age where I don’t really care anymore. I just want to put it out there and shame myself. This video was recorded and posted last June 30 in my Facebook account, after a very loooong day at work. I was so tired but excited to do this, so I did. I can definitely do a better job than this, but I was sort of playing around too and not really trying my best. Maybe some other time, when I’m less tired.

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    To keep up with blogging, I am now participating in The Daily Post so I don’t have to come up with ideas on what to write. Not that I actually need any help because there’s so many things going on with life that I want to share or write about but I just end up not doing them. Which is perfect for today’s topic: Procrastination. Actually, that was yesterday’s topic, which I obviously missed because..well… I procrastinated. Procrastinating is something, what my mom would say, that “I’m good at”. I’m not proud of it, but I have been procrastinating since I was in grade school. I would keep putting doing…