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    Do People Still Really Read Blogs?

    I discovered blogging back in 2003, when an online friend’s YM status was a linked to a website. Clicking that link brought me to a website she created, and I was amazed that she accomplished such a thing. I didn’t know it was called blogging, and I sort of felt ashamed for asking a high school student how she created one while I was the one in college, taking up computer science, but instead of practicing what I learned in school, I was using my spare time playing computer games. In my attempts at learning to design my own blog template, I self-studied CSS and PHP, and learned how to…

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    Few Things I Bought Some Time Ago

    A few weeks back, while mom was in Daiso (Festival Mall branch), there was a bazaar (there always is) right outside the store and I couldn’t help but look at the accessories being sold there. If you know me, I really like accessories, especially earrings, even when I don’t wear them as often as I should. I couldn’t help myself and bought FOUR pairs of pretty earrings.