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    Book Review: Tangled Tides by Karen Amanda Hooper

    For someone who likes watching mermaid films and once dreamed of being a mermaid, I never once had interest in reading mermaid novels. I don’t know why that is, but in my quest to be the wide reader my mom claimed me to be, I asked Karen Amanda Hooper for a digital copy Tangled Tides in exchange for an honest review. That said, I would like to thank her for introducing me to the wonderful world of merfolk, selkies, and other mythical creatures mentioned in the book. Tangled Tides (The Sea Monster Memoirs #1) by Karen Amanda Hooper Add to Goodreads Yara Jones doesn’t believe in sea monsters-until she becomes one. When…

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    Book Review: Starters by Lissa Price

    Starters (Starters #1) by Lissa Price Add to Goodreads HER WORLD IS CHANGED FOREVER Callie lost her parents when the Spore Wars wiped out everyone between the ages of twenty and sixty. She and her little brother, Tyler, go on the run, living as squatters with their friend Michael and fighting off renegades who would kill them for a cookie. Callie’s only hope is Prime Destinations, a disturbing place in Beverly Hills run by a mysterious figure known as the Old Man. He hires teens to rent their bodies to Enders—seniors who want to be young again. Callie, desperate for the money that will keep her, Tyler, and Michael alive,…

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    1st Anniversary Giveaway Winner

    The last time I wrote here, I promised to announce the winner of this blog’s anniversary contest. That was a week ago. All I can say is that I’m sorry it took this long as I was distracted, if you follow my other blog, you’ll know why. I hope you guys understand. A BIG THANK YOU to all who joined my giveaway. Hopefully there will be more giveaways in the future. So, without further ado, here it is, the winner of the contest is… *drum roll* a Rafflecopter giveaway Congratulations Istin! I will contact you via e-mail for details on when and how you’ll get your prize. 🙂 P.S. I’ll resume blogging…

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    Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story by Lissa Price

    Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story (Starters 0.5) by Lissa Price Add to Goodreads See how it all starts for Callie and Michael in Portrait of a Starter, an exclusive ebook original short story by debut author Lissa Price. Published one month before her novel, STARTERS, went on sale, the ebook is a perfect entryway into the world of STARTERS, and a must-read for fans who’ve already read the novel. STARTERS is receiving rave reviews, including this from the Los Angeles Times: “The only thing better than a terrific concept is one that is as well executed as Starters. Readers who have been waiting for a worthy successor to…

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    Book Review: Blue Moon by Alyson Noel

    SPOILER ALERT! This review may have possible spoilers on it. Have you read Evermore? Check out my review here. Blue Moon (The Immortals #2) By Alyson Noel Add to Goodreads Just as Ever is learning everything she can about her new abilities as an immortal, initiated into the dark, seductive world by her beloved Damen, something terrible is happening to him. As Ever’s powers are increasing, Damen’s are fading—stricken by a mysterious illness that threatens his memory, his identity, his life. Desperate to save him, Ever travels to the mystical dimension of Summerland, uncovering not only the secrets of Damen’s past—the brutal, tortured history he hoped to keep hidden—but also…

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    Book Review: Evermore by Alyson Noel

    SPOILER ALERT! This review has some spoilers on it. Read at your own risk. Evermore (The Immortals #1) by Alyson Noel Add to Goodreads Since a horrible accident claimed the lives of her family, sixteen-year-old Ever can see auras, hear people’s thoughts, and know a person’s life story by touch. Going out of her way to shield herself from human contact to suppress her abilities has branded her as a freak at her new high school—but everything changes when she meets Damen Auguste . . . Ever sees Damen and feels an instant recognition. He is gorgeous, exotic and wealthy, and he holds many secrets. Damen is able to make…

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    Book Review: Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

    SPOILER: If you haven’t read Delirium yet, you might read some spoilers in this review. Pandemonium picks up after Lena’s escape. The story was told in chapters with the heading ‘then’ and ‘now’. ‘Then’ told the story of Lena’s life after she crossed the wall/barrier and saw Alex shot by regulators. Thinking that he was dead, she had a hard time recovering physically, as well as adjusting to her new life in the woods without Alex. With the help of Raven and other people in the homestead, Lena struggled with her new life. Pandemonium (Delirium #2) by Lauren Oliver Add to Goodreads I’m pushing aside the memory of my nightmare, pushing…

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    Book Review: Lacrimosa by Christine Fonseca

    SPOILER ALERT! This review has spoilers. Continue at your own risk. Lacrimosa (Requiem #1) by Christine Fonseca Add to Goodreads It’s been three thousand years since the fall of Azzaziel and the rebirth of evil; three thousand years since the Sentinal Order, an elite group of warrior angels, returned to Celestium. Their job—rid Earth of the dark creatures, the UnHoly. And with luck, end Azza’s rule. As if casting out demons isn’t hard enough, five-hundred-year-old Nesy has to masquerade as a teenage girl to do it. Nesy is the best of the Sentinals. She never makes mistakes, never hesitates, never gets emotionally involved. Until she meets Aydan. He is evil…

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    Novella Review: Free Four: Tobias Tells The Story

    I was so excited when I found out that there’s a short story on Divergent with Four’s perspective. I thought it was going to be hard to find an ebook of it but I was wrong. I found it as soon as I searched. This short story is Four’s point of view in one of the scenes that happened in Divergent.   Free Four: Tobias Tells the Divergent Story by Veronica Roth Add to Goodreads #1 New York Times bestselling author Veronica Roth retells a pivotal Divergent scene (chapter 13) from Tobias’s point of view. This thirteen-page scene reveals unknown facts and fascinating details about Four’s character, his past, his…

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    Novella Review: Hana by Lauren Oliver

    Hana is a short story from Lauren Oliver’s Delirium Trilogy. The novella is written in the POV of Lena’s best friend Hana, where we see the story of the last summer before her procedure. We find out what her deal was and what she was going through with all that was happening in her life.   Hana (Delirium #1.5) by Lauren Oliver Add to Goodreads Lauren Oliver’s riveting, original digital story set in the world of her New York Times bestseller Delirium. The summer before they’re supposed to be cured of the ability to love, best friends Lena and Hana begin to drift apart. While Lena shies away from underground…