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    See You Later, Gwen!

    Two Saturdays ago, mom and I took Gwen to her new mommy. It was a sad day for us but we were still happy because she’ll be the only princess in her new house. We know they will take care of her as we have. Here are some pictures I took of her weeks before she moved. As I haven’t fixed The Puggery pages yet, this will have to do. 🙂 She doesn’t keep still. With Daphne With Tommy :3 Sweet.

  • Food

    Moven Pick Bakeshop and Restaurant

    One time my mom and I were in the QC area because she had a meeting somewhere there. Afterwards we met up in Moven Pick Bakeshop and Restaurant in Banawe St. and where her friend treated us for lunch. We ordered the following: Salmon head with Tausi Steamed Pampano Broccoli in garlic sauce Everything was good. We enjoyed the food and I finished the broccoli (YAY). As for the price, well we didn’t check the price for each item but it was a pricey in my opinion. The pastries are also good and worth it. If ever you’re near Banawe St, look for Moven Pick Bakeshop and Restaurant and give…

  • Hobbies

    DIY Bird House from Empty Jar

    We would often see little birds coming down in our front yard so I thought it would be nice to make a bird house where they can rest and feed. So when I finished the mayonnaise, I kept the jar and thought of recycling that into a bird house. This is what it looks like. I cut a square hole big enough for the bird to come in and out. I poked a hole at the bottom and attached wire to it. I hanged it in the tree outside the gate. The jar is upside down so I could take the lid off and clean it and change the food.…

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    100th Post: My Actual Birthday

    The night before, I asked my mom if she wanted to watch Men in Black 3 for my birthday. We went on the 12noon screening in SM Bacoor. We enjoyed the movie and mom even cried a bit in the end, I was just teary eyed. After the movie we shared a cup of frozen yoghurt from Tutti Frutti. Mom chose taro while I chose red velvet. It was good. She said she was going to buy me a cake because it’s my birthday. She asked if I wanted a Red Ribbon cake or ice cream cake, I chose the latter. Originally, she was only going to get one roll…

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    Pre-Birthday Celebration a.k.a Ian Somerhalder “Stalking” Day

    First of all, I would like to thank Penshoppe for bringing Ian Smolderhalder in the Philippines and for giving us, the fans, a chance to see him in person even if it’s just from afar. Yesterday, Lea Rose and I met up in SM MoA where we waited for Ian Somerhalder. The event was set up for 3pm and we were there around 1pm, and the place was filled with girls, mostly teens. We were positioned about 15 feet away from the stage and there was still a bit of room around us. Around 2:30pm I noticed that the crowd was getting bigger, the space around us was diminishing. People…

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    SkinWhite and Nuffnang bring you Snow White and the Huntsman

    Nuffnang is having a contest again, and this time they’re giving away tickets to the premiere of Snow White and the Huntsman. I wasn’t planning on seeing it in the theater but I found out that Chris Hemsworth IS the huntsman. I want to see him and I HOPE he and Kristen Stewart DOES NOT KISS. That would be HORRIBLE. Okay, I’m just being mean. 😐 According to the fairy tale, Snow White got her name because she has fair white skin. Nowadays, it seems that having fair white skin is a must for most people and it’s pretty easy to achieve. Take for example SkinWhite, using it will give…

  • Pets

    Cyndi’s Second Batch of Puppies and the Death of One

    It seems that I have neglected to write about Cyndi giving birth last April 23. I didn’t take that many pictures since she gave birth at 2am. Fortunately I was still awake during that time when I heard a bark, I went outside to check what was happening when I saw Cyndi on her bed, with 4 puppies already drinking from her tits. I immediately brought her inside and cleaned her up because I felt in her tummy that there were still at least two more puppies in there. A few minutes later, a female puppy came out. The weather was warm and Cyndi was uncomfortable and was panting so…

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    Back to Fanlistings

    Back in the day, when I was fairly new to blogging I would pretty much copy what other bloggers had in their blogs. Add that to my addictive nature and you’ve got a hoarder. One of the things I did was join fanlistings and display their “codes” in the sidebar or a page in my blog site. Recently, I find myself back in that phase. I forgot what happened and how I stumbled upon TheFanlistings.org again, but I had the sudden urge of making my own fanlisting/s. I think it’s a good kind of addiction because it’ll get me some practice on web design and coding. My skills are so rusty I…

  • Food

    eh ‘di balls!

    As previously mentioned in my 52 weeks post, Mom and I “celebrated” Mother’s Day by having takoyaki for lunch from a kiosk called “eh ‘di balls!”. Eh ‘di balls! is located in the second floor of Festival Mall in Muntinlupa City. The takoyaki tastes pretty good and is affordable. They also offer a different version, instead of squid, there’s a piece of beef strip inside the ball. They call it shabu-shabu beef takoyaki. It tastes the same as the original takoyaki, maybe because they have the same ingredients except for the beed strip. Mom said it’s authentic, very similar with the ones from Japan. The sauce used and the mayo…