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    Movie Marathon Batch 1

    I missed watching movies so I started downloading some that I felt like watching. I feel like I’ve missed out on so many good movies all because I’m addicted to watching over 50 TV shows. Don’t worry, there’s no spoilers here. Not much. Hahahaha! Let’s start off with The Other Boleyn Girl. Now this is not my kind of movie but I watched it because I liked the cast; Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson with Eric Bana. I’m not familiar with the story of King Henry VIII and his wives but our 4th year high school english teacher told us a brief story about it. (I have no idea why…

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    10/52 My Kontrabida Girl Mall Show

    GMA Films’ My Kontrabida Girl was shown in theaters last March 14. Before that, mall shows were scheduled daily and one of the scheduled show was in SM Bacoor last March 10. That mall is within walking distance from my house so I told Budz [one of the officers in Ken Chan’s fan club] that I would meet him at the mall. For week 10: March 4-10 TOP: [L-R] Budz, girl I forgot her name, and PhilBOTTOM: Me holding a “WE LOVE YOU KEN CHAN” banner It was my first time to attend a mall show. It was fun because I got to see first hand how it is like for fans…

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    9/52 Mia’s Recording + Tiendesitas

    Oh yes I’m late with posting this but it was still taken during the week. On February 29, I accompanied Mia to the recording studio so she could record a couple of songs she planned to sing in Walang Tulugan. Never happened though. For Week 9: Feb 26 – March 3 After her recording, we had to wait a couple of hours so the guy could do the editing and all, so we went to Tiendesitas because she wanted to buy some new clothes from this vintage shop we went to the last time we were there. Unfortunately, the area where it is located was closed for renovation so we…

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    Found A Good Hardbound Book on Sale

    I found this tutorial on how to make a hollow book a while back. I wanted to make one but I can’t find a hardbound book that’s cheap and thick enough to be turned into one. Plus I don’t want to get any random hardbound book on sale in the bookstore. Earlier, I passed by National Bookstore to browse and they had a table full of books on sale. I didn’t like any of it and some were still over three hundred pesos. Then when I was about to go out, I saw another table full of hardbound books that were on sale for 99 pesos and they’re marked down…

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    When Dogs Learn That Water is Friend

    If you haven’t seen or didn’t know it yet, Kendo likes taking a dip/soaking in water when he feels hot. I have pictures and videos of him getting inside a basin or a pail of water and just sit there for a while till he feels refreshed. Here’s a couple of pictures of Kendo taken from two separate occasions. And then there was one time in Serendra where he waded in the fountain like thingy after a long walk. Here are a couple of videos. Other than Kendo, MJ also learned that soaking in a basin full of cold water is quite refreshing. Why you take my peekshur? XD Today,…

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    Catching Up With Negligence, and Turning My Life Around

    My driver’s license expired May last year and I never renewed it. And then my car’s registration expired last month so I had to renew it too. Yesterday I went to the LTO office nearest me and took care of it. I did the car registration first and then the driver’s license afterwards. It was a long wait but if I didn’t have any problems, I would have gotten them both the same day. The problem was, I found out that the car’s papers from 2011 was not in the pouch that I keep in the car. But the guy said it’s alright, they would get the info from where…

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    2nd Batch of Kylie’s Pups

    If I haven’t mentioned it, Kylie got pregnant again just 4 months after giving birth last September. She gave birth last Friday to 5 adorable puppies. First 3 are female, and the last 2 are male. It’s quite easy to remember which came out first because they all have distinguishing marks. Mommy Kylie with her 5 angels. The first one resembled Cyndi’s marks. She has a white glove on her left paw and a bit of white fur in her right paw. The second one looks like Damon, spotty brown and white. The third has a light fawn color, like Stefan. The fourth is black and white like Katniss, Cyndi’s puppy…

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    BTS of February Photo Shoot

    I just recently posted behind the scenes photos from our shoot last November because I forgot to do it then, and now I’m posting some BTS from our photo shoot two weeks ago. My weekends have been quite busy. We scheduled it on a Saturday morning with 4 models and about 6 or 7 photographers in a house somewhere near TESDA in East/West [not sure which is it] service road in Pasay/Parañaque City. Loise and I spent the night over at Mia’s place so we’d all go together. We woke up around 6am and Mia’s mom had breakfast made so Mia, Loise, Mica and I ate first before leaving. Mia…

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    8/52 This be my girls

    We had another photo shoot and this time I have more models than one. For Week 8: February 19-25 [L-R] Mica, Loise, Mia, Angela Mica is Mia’s younger sister, Loise is one of Mia’s best friend, and Angela is a new discovery from that AMA pageant I blogged about a while back.