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    Inter-High School AMAzing Showdown 2012

    Last Saturday, I accompanied Mia in Waltermart Sucat because she was invited to judge high schoolers in her school’s first ever Inter-high school AMAzing Showdown 2012. They had all sorts of contests and Mia, with other judges, had to judge not only Mr. and Ms. AMAzing Beauty but also the dance and singing contests. I took pictures mostly from the beauty pageant and more of the girls than the boys. I was using the camera Jepoy lent me, a Canon Powershot S5 that I barely knew how to use. This is a photo-heavy post. You’ve been warned. Mia Lopez is judging you. I did say I didn’t know how to…

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    Friends, Food, Fun and Fotos

    The past few weeks have been uneventful and I spent my days taking care of my dogs and watching on-going US TV shows. I spent Valentine’s day by marathoning Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Andy Whitfield was my date and it was awesome. [RIP Whitfield, I regret not learning about you sooner :'(] One day, I had a craving for salad. My mom bought lettuce and boneless chicken thighs and this was what I ate for the whole day. This Japanese dressing is soooo good! Let’s jump to last Friday where Mia and I didn’t make it to her taping and headed to Banchetto instead. We wanted to get Forget-me-nut from…

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    Lazy Afternoon with My Babies

    The other day the weather was warm, not too hot as it usually is, but just enough for everyone to be lazy. I took time off from goofing around the web to take pictures of my beautiful babies resting. Kylie and Sydney basking under the sun. Damon sleeping. Simba gazing outside. Waiting for Sydney to smile. XD MJ hiding under the TV set Cyndi saw something move outside. Kendo always look like he’s exhausted. MJ and Damon sleeping under the TV set. Cyndi, Simba and Sydney Kylie is pregnant again. These two girls move a lot. Cyndi and Kylie. Damon: At first I yawn… Damon: …and then I smile. 😀…

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    Walang Tulugan Feb. 3 Taping

    I often check my iPhoto to remind me what to blog about next as I often forget what happens in my daily life. There’s not much there, I guess I just didn’t take that many pictures from my camera. I did, however, used Jepoy’s DSLR when he and Glen came over to Walang Tulugan taping last Friday. Those pictures where uploaded to his Facebook account so I’ll just link them here instead. It was a busy night as the show was celebrating its 16th anniversary. There were no room for errors as each guest had to go on after the previous one is done. The day before, Mia had to…

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    5/52 Monopoly

    After a tiring Thursday and Friday, I spent the night morning over at Mia’s. We got home around 6am, went to sleep shortly after our arrival, and woke up past 3pm. After having “lunch”, we were bored and played Monopoly. I kicked her ass. LOL. For Week 5: January 28-February 4, 2012 I got sent to jail and she visited me. LOL.